“A knight is a knight...and a knight saves the world
— me
I Really Like It
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Hi buddy! I'm I Really Like It! Welcome to my page!

A little story about myself


My favorites

Of course, as a Nexo Knights fan I need to have a favorite list!

My favorite Knights

O.K. , you may say now: "WHAT?? That guy doesn't like ALL the knights???"...yeah, yeah, yeah...I like them all, but there are some wich I like MORE than anothers... . I will say the Knights from the 5th to the 1st.

Lance Richmond

Lance, Lance, Lance...you and your hair...

"Armored" Lance

On the "Bad" 5th place is...Lance Richmond! O.K., you may understand this thing wrong, but Lance is a good guy, but...too much beauty, Lance! Look at that quote downwards!

“My beautiful hair...it's DESTROYED!”
Lance when he loses in the Merlok 2.0 App

Clay Moorington

Clay...just this I say

"Armored" Clay

C'mon, c'mon, I want to hear you: "WHAAAAAAAAT??? CLAY IS JUST ON THE 4TH PLACE????". YEAH! That's because:

1. He remembers much characters from LEGO Ninjago. This isn't bad, but it need to be mentioned, right?

2. I have ANOTHER favorite knight (read carefully and you will reach the 1st place)

3. He is too...vigilant? Yeah! That's it!

O.K., I REALLY don't know why I putted Clay Really on the 4th place, sooo...the next!

“The people need us!”
Clay when his turn begins in Merlok 2.0 App

Macy Halbert

Macy! This is you! The 3rd place!

"Armored" Macy

And the 3rd place is...(ta-daaaaaa)...Macy Halbert!!! She is the princess of the Kingdom of Knighton, and a good knight! Her power (Rushing Strike) is O.K., but not the best. So...the 2nd place is for...

Monsters, magic books.. doesn't it all seem a bit ominous?”
Macy to Aaron


Axl, just Axl...you were nearby there...the 2nd place.

"Armored" Axl

Axl, the 2nd place, the silver medal! He were nearby there! O.K., Axl is here because:

1. He has a 'GREAT minifigure! (Yes, I have the 70317 Fortrex set!)

2. His armor is COOL!

3. He has an AWESOME axe!

4. He likes to eat (VERY MUCH).

5. He is funny

Whatever, Axl is my cousin's favorite character (but it doesn't matter).


Aaron Fox

And the 1st place is...Aaron Fox

"Armored" Aaron

And the winner and the winner is...(the drums, please!)AARON FOX!!! He is GREAT!!! The best Knight EVER! He is the 1st because:

1. He has a very cool power (Swift Sting)

2. He has a good crossbow

3. He uses his shield as a hoverboard DUDE! (a very great idea)

4. He is green (my favorite color)

And much other!

“Ha-Ha-Ha! This thing is AWESOME!”
Aaron about his Shield

My favorite Villains

O.K., well...some of the Lava Monster Army are good:


Jestro is bad...REALLY bad! How funny!

Jestro's minifigure.

Jestro is BAD! I like his scary look. He's cool because:

1. His cape is a very rare one

2. He has a cool army (And a cool book at all)

3. His "look" is soo scary and sooo good! HaHaHa!

So, Jestro the Jester is a cool guy! (if he is really bad!)

“I'm good at something.. I'm good at being bad!”

Book of Monsters

The Book of Monsters's physically form

The Book of Monsters is creating some monsters.

The Book of Monsters is great! I like his physically form (LEGO created a special look for these Books, and the Book of Monsters is the BEST!). It's very good his ability! I like that he can create monsters!

“You see that, kid? You're good at something! You're good, at being bad.”
— The Book of Monsters to Jestro

Books I like


Sets I own

OBIVOUSLY I have some sets...exactly 3...

Normal Sets

I have now 2 normal sets:


Ultimate Sets

Now I have just one ultimate:


My wiki activity

I edit very much things here, so I can't say the EXACT number of my edits! If you want it, tough, you can see in my profile above.

Pages I created

Redirection pages I created

Templates I created

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