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Ultra Armor is a concept created by Robin Underwood in order to upgrade the Nexo Knights' armor to the next level. There are six kinds of Ultra Armor and they are typically summoned through Nexo Powers.


Types of Ultra Armor

Sword Tornado blades

The Sword Tornado blades[1] are the Ultra Armor upgrades used by Clay Moorington, represented by twin blades on the back of his power armor which are able to move back and forth for better viability in combat. It is represented by the Nexo Power Sword Tornado.


The wings[2] are Lance Richmond's Ultra Armor, a pair of large, white jet wings. His wings allow him to take off and have quick, speedy, and somewhat uncontrollable flight, regardless of altitude. The wings are represented by the Nexo Power Take Off.


The fists[3] are a pair of large, mechanical fists used by Axl as Ultra Armor. They are extremely strong and are able to be moved around like actual arms. In "Miner Setback," Axl uses the fists along side his Battle Suit axe. They are represented by the Nexo Power Fist Smash.

Arrow Storm

The Arrow Storm[4] is the Ultra Armor of Aaron Fox. It is two pairs of energy blasters positioned above his head and below his arms. They are quick fire launchers that release Blazer Bow bullets. They are represented by the Nexo Power Arrow Strike.

Mace Blaster

The Mace Blaster[4] is a large mace cannon positioned on the left side of Macy Halbert's power armor. Though in the set, it shoots studs, in the show, it instead shoots six large mace chains at opponents. It is represented by the Nexo Power Mace Rain.

Robot legs

The robot legs are the first Ultra Armor and are used by Robin Underwood as a vehicle/weapon rather than a special armor upgrade. He is shown to use these to fire energy blasts shaped like chicken legs at opponents, though not to instantly disintegrate them. They are represented by the Nexo Power Mech Master.



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