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You may be looking for the set.
Ep40 Sad.jpeg "I will find her. I have to find out how she became who she is. I have to know why."

The subject of this article relates to the unproduced Season 5, so the information is unseen.

“Time to split the Twinfector!”
Fred in Money makes the Infection go Round!

The Twinfector is a buggy-like vehicle used by Fred and Pola. It is able to separate into two smaller jets. description

Prepare for double trouble and help Aaron battle the evil twins in the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ 72002 Twinfector! Fire the crossbow and destroy their vehicle before they separate it into 2 flyers. Watch out for Fred and Pola’s flying critters and shoot them before they infect Knighton with Monstrox's wicked tech infection. Includes 2 scannable shields for the NEXO Power Gamma Rays and Merlok Power The Crossbow of Merlok.[1]





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