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Tommy Andreasen (born April 21, 1974) is a Danish producer and co-creator for Nexo Knights. He also wrote the screenplay for "Coming of the Technomancer" in his own time.

Episodes written

Season 5: TerrorBytes


  • He thinks they should have gone "way harder on the take [for Nexo Knights]," specifically with the high-tech theme, as another LEGO theme, Ninjago, was starting to go that way as well.[1]
  • When asked about his favorite between Ninjago, Legends of Chima, and Nexo Knights, he explained, "They are all great. They are three different types of show, so my mood will define my current favorite."[2] However, Nexo Knights was the most fun to work on.[3]
  • He used to have brown hair.[4]
  • His favorite Knight is Aaron.[5]
  • One of his favorite scenes in Nexo Knights is when Clay first walked into Nothing Hill in "The Good, the Bad and the Tightwad."[6]
  • He often sat in the recording booth during sessions of Nexo Knights.[7]
  • He was not involved in Nexo Knights 2018, except for the writing for "Coming of the Technomancer," which he did in his own time.[8]
  • He is doubtful that the story of Nexo Knights will complete.[9]



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