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The Maze of Amazement is the seventh episode of the first season of Nexo Knights. It first aired on March 10, 2016.


The Knights find themselves trapped in a maze looking for the Book of Deception. But will they actually get their hands on it, or will it keep deceiving them?[1]


As the Knights drive towards Diggington, Axl's hometown, Lance calls the town rustic. Macy chastises him since rustic is his code for rundown and dirty, which Axl overhears.

The Knights arrive as the townsfolk cheer Axl's name. The Knights and Robin go to the Digging Inn which is owned by Axl's family. Upon realising Axl and his friends are there, Mama Axl quickly cleans up the place and invites them inside. After an attempt to make the place seem fancy, she introduces them to the rest of Axl's family; Papa Axl, and Axlina, his little sister who immediately gains a crush on Robin much to his horror. Axl plays his lute alongside the |Squirebot band. Before they can have some porcupine stew, Merlok 2.0 calls them back to the Fortrex to find an evil book.

Ava tells the Knights that the book is somewhere in the hills but its location keeps shifting on the scanners. The Fortrex drives past a huge rock which Jestro, the Book of Monsters, and the Evil Mobile are hiding behind. They make a plan to follow the Knights and steal the evil book from them once they find it.

The Knights drive through twisted mountain roads eventually stopping at the entrance to a giant maze which they enter. Jestro and the Book enter from the opposite side of the maze. Giant doors slam shut behind both parties. Jestro sends out monsters scouts to guide them but he loses them. Macy gets trapped behind a turning stone wall but is freed by Lance, Clay and Axl. As the Knights continue on, Aaron momentarily crashes his hover shield into the wall, leaving a crack.

Aaron realizes that the Knights have been going in circles, showing them the crack he made which they have repeatedly passed. Axl plays his lute, remarking that there should be lots of echo in the maze but there is none. Clay tries to gets Ava's help to no avail but she says the maze's layout is familiar to her. Axl strums his lute and then walks through the walls. The other Knights follow him. Jestro summons more monsters to knock down the maze's walls. They do this successfully but are stopped by a large boulder that rolls over them.

The Knights stop in a room with an engraved stone pillar at the centre and two giant doorways behind it. Merlok translates the writing, that reads: "Now your path you must choose. Pick wisely or you will lose. A helpful maiden you might find or a horrible monster most unkind."

Axl opens a doorway and a beautiful maiden named Zoot walks out who says that the correct path is the one behind her. The Knights start to go but Axl opens the other door. Out comes a hideous stone monster and Axl asks for their name. The monster responds in a feminine voice that her name is Dingo, to the shock of the other Knights, and tells them that the true path is the one behind her. Zoot tries to attack but Dingo stops her and sends the Knights on their way.

As the Knights walk Aaron asks Axl how he knew Zoot was a fake. He replies that nothing's what it seems in the maze. Lance makes a mean but well-intentioned comment about hill folk being smarter than they look. Axl is insulted and raises Lance in the air. Lance apologises. Axl apologises for his mother's attempts at making his family look fancy. They suddenly hear the scared screams of a "little girl," pleading for help. Clay rushes off to rescue her but she turns out to be an illusion.

Ava realises the maze's layout is the same as that of the old video game Whack-Man. Aaron knows the game's layout off by heart and leads the others to the center of the maze. Jestro and his monsters are also nearly at the center. They both arrive in seemingly the same cavern; it has the Book of Deception on a pillar in the middle of the cavern with large boulders surrounding it. The "boulders" turn out to be rock monsters, similar to Dingo. Both teams fight the rock monsters. Axl and Jestro see the book, grab it, and both seem to have possession of it. Axl opens his copy of the Book revealing it to be an illusion the Book of Deception made to protect itself as were the rock monsters and even the maze. Macy calls Ava to get the Fortrex to bring them back to Diggington.

Jestro and the Book of Monsters try to escape through Diggington but are stopped by the townsfolk and Axl's family who had received a warning from Robin via Axlina. As the Knights defeat the monsters Jestro and TBOM devise a plan. The Knights download the Nexo Power Gauntlet of Truth and defeat the monsters. As the Evil Mobile drives away Jestro throws the Book of Deception behind them. The Knights capture the Book but not Jestro.

At night time, Axl is playing his lute alongside the band. Mama Axl serves a bowl of porcupine stew to Lance and Aaron who react with concealed disgust, Aaron even remarking it smells like feet. Mama Axl says that she's done trying to be fancy as it's exhausting. Axl tells her that if you just be yourself then people will like you.

As the Evil Mobile drives away into the night Jestro and the Book of Monsters talk about the Knights haven't realized their copy of the book is a fake and how villains will be long gone when they do. In the Fortrex, Ava and Merlok open their copy of the Book of Deception, which dissolves into dust, and realize they have been deceived.



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