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The Knights Code
The Knights Code
Season 1
Episode Number 4
Production Code Unknown
Original Airdate January 14, 2016
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The Power of Merlok
Fright Knight

The Knight's Code is the fourth episode of the first season of Nexo Knights, and the fourth episode overall. It first aired on January 14, 2016.

Official Description

Merlok is now fully integrated into the rolling castle Fortrex, but Jestro is also upgrading. He finds the Book of Chaos, creates a rolling fort and sets off to kidnap King Halbert who is on a promotional tour. The knights scramble to help, but their teamwork is terrible. Can they overcome their differences in time and save the King and Queen?




This episode aired as part of a week-long of premieres on Cartoon Network on January 14, 2016.


  • The Nexo Power used this episode is 'Order of the Knight's Code'
  • The Book of Chaos was found.


The Knights Code
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