The Fall
The Fall
Season 4
Episode Number 40
Production Code Unknown
Original Airdate September 1, 2017
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March of the Colossus
That Mer-loser always thinks he knows the way out. Well, there's no way out this time. Ever since my defeat at the hands of Merlok so many years ago, all I've thought about is revenge. I tried to regain my powers as the Book of Monsters. Then, as the Cloud of Monstrox, I assembled the Forbidden Powers to become the Colossus of Ultimate Destruction. And now...finally...I'll take my vengeance on the kingdom...on the Nexo Knights...on Merlok...on everyone! I'll wipe this realm from the face of the map!

The Fall is the tenth episode of Season 4 of Nexo Knights, and the fortieth episode overall. It first aired on September 1, 2017. It is the series finale.

Official Description

The Cloud of Monstrox is inside the Stone Colossus and it now stands in front of Knighton. The students of the Knights Academy are mobilized, the King and Queen are on the defense and the Nexo Knights are ready for the showdown.




  • Clay referenced the Nexo power Achilles Heel as a pun by controlling the rolling fortrex and, coincidentally, hitting the Colossus’s heel with it.
  • This is the last episode of the entire TV series, ending with a cliffhanger.

Both this and the Ninjago episode have the same episode title.

  • The title of the episode is later used as a Ninjago episode of the same name, except, the plot of this episode is different.
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