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“Yeah right. I was a bad book, and now I'm a stormy evil cloud! I've taken a new form, and now I need you to be my man on the ground. What do you say?”
Monstrox to Jestro

The Cloud is the first episode of the third season of Nexo Knights, and the twenty-first episode overall. It first aired on February 4, 2017.


A storm is brewing over Knighton. Monstrox has taken the form of a cloud and is raising an army of lightning infused Stone Monsters. His first target is the new Lavalands Amusement Park.[1]




  • Nexo Power: Stunning Showmanship


  • This marks the first appearance of the Cloud of Monstrox, Stone Monsters, electrified Jestro, Garg, Bouldrons, Ghoulia and the redone Lava Lands Amusement Center.
  • It is revealed what the Knights have been doing after Monstrox's defeat: Clay has become a teacher, Axl and Lance have become television personalities on the shows The Singing Chef and Knighton Morning respectively, Macy has been training the denizens of Knighton to be ready for battle, and Aaron has become a stuntsman.
  • Jestro became the weatherman, also foreshadowing his transformation with the Cloud of Monstrox.
  • It is revealed that Lance wet his armor in his first year at the Knights' Academy.
  • Herb Herbertson has become the field reporter while Alice Squires had become the personality on television.
  • The line "Yes, yes, my rocky army! Save me!" from Monstrox is reused in the character spot "Gargoyles and Harpies."
  • The line "Oh boy. Some things never change." stated by Monstrox is reused in the character spot "Three Brothers."
  • Jestro's line, "Alright then. Let's get this party started!" is reused in the character spot "Jestro turns bad -again!."




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