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“Ah, every field trip was a chance to maximize our demerits. Those were the carefree days of youth, weren't they, Griff?”
— Brickland to Sir Griffiths in "Weekend at Halbert's"

Sir Swordmore Brickland, professionally known as Principal Brickland, is the current principal of the Knights' Academy.


Prior to the series

Brickland is the descendant of the founder of the Knights' Academy, Reginald Brickland, and studied there as well, where he was a troublemaker with his best friend Griffiths.[2] He and Brickland acquired the most amount of demerits between themselves than any student ever.[3] He was often called "Binky" as a child, later called the same nickname by Persnickety Marge.[3][4]

After graduating, he became an honorable knight as well as the principal of the academy. As an overcompensation for his childish antics in his school years, he became stoic and serious, though he kept his childish personality while on field trips.[2]

As the Principal

Brickland acted as the principal of the academy and also wrote the digital update of the Knight's Code, the academy's handbook.[3]

He had a fondness for Clay Moorington, who always upheld the values of the Code and was respectful to the staff. However, he gained a dislike for Lance Richmond, who disliked him back. He once caught Lance wetting his armor in class.[5]

In His Majesty's Secret Service

After Jack Shields appeared to the Nexo Knights, Brickland also appeared to Robin Underwood, who told him that he didn't know Shields.


He is occasionally narcissistic, as when writing the new edition of the Knight's Code, he wrote in his description that he was the most important figure in the history of the academy itself.

Official description

Sir Brickland is not only this school's principal and the editor of this handbook; he is also the single most important figure in the history of this academy! (Editor's note: this is a completely true fact; no exaggeration.) The mighty Brickland began his career as a heroic, monster-fighting warrior, teaming with (future) King Halbert and (overrated) superstar Ned Knightly. Brickland's undeniable leadership skills led to an appointment as principal of the academy during what he calls, "The Golden Age of Knight Schooling." With the kingdom free of monsters and most major threats, the academy became a lightly-attended and easily-managed institution of relaxing - er, learning. For several decades, the academy only graduated a few students a year, allowing Brickland plenty of free time to work on his second career as a minstrel playwright.[3]


Nexo Knights

Season 2: Books of Power

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End




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