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“So you can bring stone to life?”
“Yep! Anything with a face or form is fair game for me to zap to life!”
Jestro and Monstrox in "The Cloud"

The Stone Monsters are an army of electrified rock creatures; statues brought to life by Jestro and the Cloud of Monstrox.


Before becoming members of Jestro's army, the Stone Monsters were statues found all over Knighton. Some were made for decoration, while others yielded Forbidden Powers which can be used to summon the Stone Colossus.

Following his defeat and transformation into his cloud form, Monstrox sought a new army to exact vengeance on Knighton and the warriors who thwarted his earlier plans. After re-corrupting Jestro into his servant with his magical lightning, he gathered statues from across the kingdom and infused them with power, transforming them into monsters to serve his purposes. He started with the petrified forms of the Gargoyles and the Bouldrons.

After awakening the Rogul that was associated with the Forbidden Power of Relentless Rust, the Cloud of Monstrox later allied with a sculptor named Roberto Arnoldi where he sides with them in order to get revenge on King Halbert for firing him. Roberto Arnoldi started by making Stone Garden Gnomes to strengthen the Stone Monster Army. In addition, Jestro and the Cloud of Monstrox head to the top of Mount Thunderstrox where Jestro adds the Forbidden Power of Relentless Rust to one of the pillars. While the Cloud of Monstrox is keeping the purpose of the pillars private from Jestro, he also helps Jestro assign some Gargoyles to guard the pillars.




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