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“No kidding. This big boy is our ultimate goal! The Colossus of Ultimate Destruction. We gotta get enough Forbidden Powers to fill the Standing Stones and complete him.”
Monstrox to Jestro in "In Charge"

The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction, often shortened to the Stone Colossus or the Colossus of Monstrox[1] is a powerful ancient giant Stone Monster that once wreaked havoc across the realm.

Monstrox and Jestro were able to find ten of the Forbidden Powers and awaken the Colossus, with Monstrox controlling it.


Prior to the series

The Stone Colossus once wreaked havoc across Knighton. However, it was eventually transformed into a dormant mountain, and the Standing Stones were emptied away.

In Charge

After placing four Forbidden Powers onto the Standing Stones, Monstrox grew into a large cloud-like form and broke off parts of Mount Thunderstrox, revealing the face of the Colossus, and explained his master plan to Jestro. Roberto Arnoldi also carved an envisioning of his plan, which Robin later found while patrolling Knightonia after Monstrox was defeated.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Jestro and Monstrox, on the Rolling Headquarters, quickly made it up to the top of Mount Thunderstrox and placed the final Forbidden Power, causing the mountain to begin to break and the Colossus to rise. During this time, Merlok realized that it was the Colossus and told the Nexo Knights that it was the same monster seen on Arnoldi's carving.

After the Colossus fully stood, Monstrox entered the mouth of the giant, and his fiery eyes opened, showing that Monstrox had full control over the giant.


  • Massive size and stature: As a mountain-sized being, the Stone Colossus had a gigantic size advantage over his foes, towering over entire towns and large vehicles.
  • Superhuman strength: The Stone Colossus possessed an incredible amount of strength, as he was easily able to rip the bell tower of Seeling off of the ground and use it as a weapon.
  • Superhuman endurance: The Colossus was almost totally intolerant to pain, and was totally immune to the weapons of the Battle Suits, Nexo Powers, and Mechlok's magic.
  • Forbidden Powers: The Stone Colossus had all ten Forbidden Powers at his disposal to cause havoc and reign terror across Knighton. He often used Blazing Burn and Shocking Scare. They were fired out of a massive cannon arm.
  • Massive mouth and stomach: The Colossus possessed a gigantic mouth that was easily able to swallow Axl and his Battle Suit.


  • Crown: The Stone Colossus' crown was a blind spot for him, and he was not able to touch it because of his body shape.
  • Magic: Merlok 2.0 and Clay were able to use Magic Crystal Fall to totally transform the Colossus into crystal, making him extremely brittle.
  • Heel: As a crystal, his heel was a weak spot for him. description

Jestro has brought the Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction to life—and now it’s terrorizing Knighton! Team up with Clay, who’s turning into stone after being zapped by the Cloud of Monstrox, and Macy to fight back against the monster and grapple with General Garg! Use the shield glider to find the giant's weak spot, but watch out for its rapid-fire stud shooters and giant claw hand! Includes scannable shields for the NEXO Powers Haunted Armor and Commanding Shout, and Forbidden Powers Malicious Melting and Corrupting Crush.[2]



Nexo Knights

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End


  • In set form, the Colossus doesn't have teeth or pupils.



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