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Ep40 Sad.jpeg "I will find her. I have to find out how she became who she is. I have to know why."

The subject of this article relates to the unproduced Season 5, so the information is unseen.

“The bad guys gloat in their victory… Merlok is gone… they now have (some) NEXO Power, they are high tech and the Kingdom is theirs for the taking.”
Tommy Andreasen's notes for "Coming of the Technomancer"[1]

The fifth season of Nexo Knights, subtitled TerrorBytes,[2] is preceded by Season 4 and succeeded by Season 6. Because of production issues and budgetary issues, this and Season 6 were cancelled.[3] Tommy Andreasen confirmed its cancellation on August 1, 2018.[4] The villains were intended to be the Monstrox virus, Ruina Stoneheart, the Stone Monsters and the CyberBiters.[1]

A plot was written up for "Coming of the Technomancer" by Tommy Andreasen on his own,[1] and ideas were put into place, but the series was ultimately cancelled. It would require 40,000 Danish kroner ($5 million) to produce this season.[5][6]

There was also an advertisement in the app released which featured Merlok 2.0 creating the Merlok Power protocol, and it included voice work from Brian Drummond and Mark Oliver.


Note: These would be the cast listings based on notes from the creators.

Other characters appearing in this season but not necessarily confirmed to speak are the Three Brothers, Robot Hoodlum, Dennis, JohnBot and Krakenskull.



Nexo knights s5 sets.jpeg

The set wave was primarily based on Monstrox's takeover of Knighton as a digital virus. Though the Stone Monsters were intended to battle alongside the CyberBiters, they didn't appear in the sets. The collectibles for the season were the Merlok Powers. All Nexo Knights except Aaron were exclusive to a single set.

In this wave, weapons, armor and vehicles were accented with gold and orange ornate elements. The setting of the box art was a valley with the Merlok Power standed over a pedestal. Monstrox appears on the right side of the box as the mascot. The boxes were colored dark blue and lime.

All of the sets in this wave were vehicle sets as opposed to some locations. There was also a lack of a Royal Soldier vehicle similar to 70310 Knighton Battle Blaster or 70347 King's Guard Artillery.

The Knights' shields were recolored in gold, and the Tech Monsters gained spiked shields also capable of downloading Nexo Powers. A new armorpiece was created for the Knights' new suits. holographic bugs appeared in every set, typically as projectiles.

It appears that the designers had a lower budget in this season, as evidenced by their continuous reuse of headpieces and torso, lack of new Nexo Powers, limited set count and minifigure appearances as well as the prices being generally lower. The amount of characters also decreased, being limited to just the Knights as well as the Tech Monsters.


  • The season's name is a play on the words "terror" and "terabyte."
  • This season would include multiple new "plot changes" to the Nexo Knights series and characters, such as:
    • Axl would go on a diet.
    • The Fortrex would have been inoperative and out of commission.
    • Clay would be absent from the main team.
    • Nexo Powers would be gone and would instead be used by the CyberBiters.
    • King and Queen Halbert would be absent from the main cast, and Macy would take the role as queen.
    • Merlok 2.0 would be gone and Ava would have to take his place.
  • During this time, the franchise had the biggest growth out of all LEGO products; however, the game company and most crew members had already moved on.[9]


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