Season 2
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Channel Cartoon Network
Original Run July 25th, 2016 to August 5th, 2016
Episodes 10
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Season 2 of Nexo Knights, entitled The Book of Power, continues and finishes the story of the first season.


Even though the knights have managed to defeat Jestro and the Book of Monsters from the previous season, they have to find the Magic Books that were scattered across the kingdom before the bad guys could.


Main Characters

Secondary Characters


Episodes List

No. of Episode Title Original Airdate Nexo Power
1. Back to School July 25, 2016 Rooster of Wakening,

Shield of Schooling and Protection

2. Greed is Good? July 26, 2016 Griffin of Graciousness
3. The Book of Obsession July 27, 2016 Superhero Body Slam
4. The King's Tournament July 28, 2016
5. Monster Chef July 29, 2016
6. Knight Out August 1, 2016
7. Saturday Knight Fever August 2, 2016
8. Open Mike Knight August 3, 2016
9. The Fortrex and The Furious August 4, 2016
10. Kingdom of Heroes August 5, 2016
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