Season 1
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Channel Cartoon Network
Original Run December 13, 2015 till March 31, 2016
Episodes 10
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Season 2

 Season 1 of Nexo Knights, subtitled "The Book of Monsters" tells the story of how the Nexo Knights become a team and how Jestro turned evil. 


Just after the Knights Academy Graduation Ceremony, Jestro stole the Book of Monsters and attempted to destroy the kingdom. The 5 young graduates of the Academy; Clay, Lance, Macy, Aaron and Axl will have to fight to save the kingdom. With the support of Merlok 2.0, Ava and Robin, the knights will go on a epic adventure.


Main Characters

Secondary Characters


Episodes List

No. of Episode Title Original Airdate Nexo Power
1. The Book of Monsters - Part 1 December 13, 2015
2. The Book of Monsters - Part 2 December 13, 2015 Dragon of Justice
3. The Power of Merlok January 13, 2016 Alliance of the Fortrex
4. The Knights Code Januray 14, 2016 Order of the Knight's Code
5. Fright Knight Januray 15, 2016 Lion of Bravery
6. The Golden Castle March 3, 2016 Ultra Armor Activate
7.  The Maze of Amazement March 10, 2016 Gauntlet of Truth
8. The Black Knight March 17, 2016 Avenging Ultra Armor
9. The Book of Total Badness March 24, 2016 Flight of the Phoenix
10. The Might and the Magic March 31, 2016 Glory of Knighton, Sword of Strength and Supremacy
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