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“Guess the new weapons work! Race you back to the Fortrex!”
Axl in "Test Drive"

The Rumble Maker is a large tank-like vehicle owned by Axl. It has two massive drills on its front, which also function as jet boosters when it is able to convert into flight mode. Its treads are also able to connect to Axl's Battle Suit.

Used by Axl during Monstrox's days as a villainous cloud, it proved to be a formidable and fast weapon used against the Stone Monsters.


The Gray Knight

The Rumble Maker was briefly seen when Robin was working on his Black Knight Mech.

Axl drove the Rumble Maker and fought off the Stone Monsters and picked up Lance after he got hit by Shocking Scare. He began creating a defensive circle with Aaron and Lance.

The Good, the Bad and the Tightwad

Aaron used the Rumble Maker to try and find Clay, but ends up fighting Jestro. He jumps off of it after he gets hit by Shocking Scare and later drives to where Lance and Macy are.


Heart of Stone

Axl drives the Rumble Maker to try and stop Clay from going into a false alarm. When Clay realizes it was false, he and the Rumble Maker drive back to the Fortrex.

When Jestro attacked, Axl rode the Rumble Maker to try and stop him, but Clay got the job done quickly. It was presumably driven back to the Fortrex.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Axl drives the Rumble Maker to battle the Stone Monsters in a narrow valley. While driving up a ledge, he and the other Knights are attacked by blasters, but they are able to swiftly avoid them.

When practicing the use of the Battle Suit, Axl used the treads of the Rumble Maker on his Battle Suit.

March of the Colossus

Axl uses his Rumble Maker's treads on his Battle Suit. description

Track down the Rogul in Axl’s powerful 3-in-1 Rumble Maker! Activate the drills to grind down the Stone monsters, then flip out the wings, release the Axl Bot’s tank and switch into jet mode for more high-flying LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ adventures. Includes 3 scannable shields for the NEXO Powers Drop the Beat and Rock Twister, and Forbidden Power Wrecking Wrath.[1]



Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End



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