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“I've pre-programmed the GPS in your vehicle to take you right there.”
Ava Prentis to Clay Moorington in "Knight Out"

The Rumble Blade is one of Clay Moorington's vehicles, and has the ability to split into four different, smaller vehicles, the flying sword-shaped jet Sword Speeder, the two smaller and fast Sword Break Bikes and the Rumble Base.


The Power of Merlok

King Halbert introduced it to Clay and the other Knights.

Official descriptions

Rumble Blade by Clay Moorington

Built like a giant Claymore Sword, the Rumble Blade is cutting edge in its design and extremely fast. There are two side-cycles that detach and are strong enough to hold someone even as big as Axl. The central sword portion shoots off and becomes a jet-powered flyer, which is perfect for unsuspecting monsters. My Rumble Blade has the perfect service history. That way, I know it is always in impeccable shape and ready for anything.[1]

Four-in-One Attack Vehicle

Clay uses this multitasking machine to patrol Knighton. If he runs into monsters, he can launch air or ground attacks. He can even send his Clay Bots out in their own detachable two-wheelers![2]



Nexo Knights

Season 1: The Book of Monsters

Season 2: Books of Power



In set form


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