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Rumble Blade
Rumble blade
Years 2016
Set Appearances 70315 Clay's Rumble Blade
First TV Appearance Premieres in The Power of Merlok
Special Features Can split into four vehicles: a flying sword, two cycles, and a weapons vehicle.
Abilities  ?

Rumble Blade may refer to 70315 Clay's Rumble Blade. For other uses, visit Clay's Rumble Blade (disambiguation).

The Rumble Blade is Clay Moorington's vehicle. It appears in many of the 2016 episodes on CN and the webisodes on

The Rumble Blade is a vehicle made of four components that can operate individually. The main part is a sword-like machine that can fly and acts as the main cockpit where Clay sits. Two detachable cycle-like sidecars are attached at the front. In the show, Macy and Axl ride in the sidecars, while two Claybots ride it in the set. The base weapons vehicle is the center piece which connects the others. This final piece also has the two huge back wheels and turrets at the back.

It premiered in The Power of Merlok, where it is given to the Nexo Knights from the King and Queen. It was then featured in many other episodes and shorts in minor roles. The Nexo Knights use this vehicle, along with Lance's Mecha Horse and Aaron's Hover Shield to reach places the Fortrex is too big to access as well as in combat.

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