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“Aye, keep joking, little man. I can still bite off your feet!”
— Rumble to Reex in "Miner Setback"

Rumble is a Stone Monster and the older brother of Roog and Reex. Said to have the strength of twenty men and immunity to pain, he was eventually defeated when he was totally petrified under a mountain by the Wizards' Council, destroying most of his body.

After eventually being found by Monstrox, Roberto Arnoldi tried to carve him out, but the rest of his body was too heavily damaged. Arnoldi transformed him into a living vehicle, the Vehicle Rammer[1], with his immense strength combined with the momentum of a vehicle.


Prior to the series

Rumble was once a near-unstoppable warrior said to have the strength of twenty men and an immunity to any kind of pain. Along with his brothers, he could not be defeated by the Wizards' Council and was instead buried under a mountain, where most of his body was destroyed.

Miner Setback

Rumble was found to be in a mine in Diggington, so Monstrox enslaved several residents to dig him out. He was found, the first sighting being of his ear, and Arnoldi began to chisel him out. When the Nexo Knights were heard to have found the mine, Monstrox zapped the Three Brothers with his magic lightning, resurrecting them.

Rumble, with his face being the only part of his body not destroyed, nudged himself out of the cave and fell right next to Reex, who joked about him. Arnoldi was told to fix him, and heard "get rolling," taking it literally and transforming Rumble into a vehicle.

Rumble, in his new body, went through the many roads and paths of the mine to attack and confuse the Nexo Knights, constantly ramming into their Battle Suits. However, Ava found the Knight-Eye and downloaded a Nexo Power into Axl, who petrified Rumble before Monstrox zapped him with lightning and they escaped on him.

Knight at the Museum

Rumble was present with the other Stone Monsters during their attack upon the Artingham Repository of Treasure and Sculpture. Along with his brothers, he attempted to destroy the metal wall before Monstrox called upon the Rogul of Relentless Rust to destroy it instead.

Rock Bottom

To obtain Blazing Burn, Rumble and his brothers crashed into the Fortrex, and while Rumble waited outside, Roog and Reex entered and stole the Rogul as well as Techcalibur. Rumble picked them up and drove them back to the Rolling Headquarters, where they gave Monstrox and Jestro a status report.

To prevent Lance and Axl from reaching Clay, Rumble battled them and was eventually sent off of a cliff along with his brothers.

The Gray Knight

He is briefly seen in the background of the Stone Monsters' camp when the Gray Knight throws Garg around.


He is first seen outside of the mine with Krakenskull in it, and later joined the Stone Monsters in robbing Stinking Rich and Happy Hill of the town's gold and brought it back to the mine, with gold in his catapult and on his head.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In an effort to stop the Nexo Knights from reaching Mount Thunderstrox, Rumble and his brothers rammed into the Fortrex. They also were hit by Aaron's energy blast and crashed, with Rumble toppling over.

March of the Colossus

He is seen with the other Stone Monsters when attacking Knighton.

The Fall

Rumble is seen with the other Stone Monsters when attacking Knighton. He was also briefly seen fleeing from Knightonia after the Stone Colossus had fallen.

Official description

Rumble - With the strength of twenty men and immune to pain. He was once one of the greatest warriors in history
The Vehicle Rammer - Rumble's body was ruined when he was chiselled out, so Arnoldi is turning him into a vehicle, making his head a battering ram!



Nexo Knights

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End

Behind the scenes

  • He is voiced by Jason Simpson, who also portrays the other two of the Three Brothers. Simpson incorrectly spells his name "Romble."[2][3]
  • He speaks with a Scottish accent.
  • Rumble is often seen as a background character in group scenes of the Stone Monsters, with his body staying totally still. This is likely because his model is treated like a vehicle rather than a character's.
  • In "Between a Rock and a Hard Place," Rumble's voice is slightly altered to have more reverb and warbling.


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