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Ruina Stoneheart/Wanda Moorington

Ruina Stoneheart

Rock Bottom 12

Ruina Stoneheart

Years 2017
Set Appearances 70349 Ruina's Lock And Roller
First TV Appearance Rock Bottom
Special Armor N/A
Follows Jestro
General Garg
Weapons & Gear Electro-scythe
Quote "I am your mother."
Voice Actor Heather Doerksen

Ruina Stoneheart Formally known as Wanda Moorington. is an evil witch and stone monster that appeared in Nexo Knights.


Once known as Wanda Moorington, Ruina was among the witches and wizards from the Wizards' Council. She struggled to suppress the evil magic inside her but due to the presence of Monstrox, she failed and became wicked. Her brother Merlok tried to save her but was forced to turn her to stone.

Rock Bottom

Ava Prentis looked through the scrambled memories of Merlok and found a video of him defeating Monstrox and blasting him away. Ruina's arm is seen picking up a neckless left by him before the video cuts off.

Her petrified body was found by Gargoyles.Jestro thought it was one of Roberto Arnoldi's creations until the Cloud of Monstrox claimed that it's not his because she looked decent. Monstrox zapped her with his lighting bringing her back to life. She thanked Monstrox and claimed his lightning was nice. Monstrox decided to give her a part in his plan and let her drive her Lock & Roller to capture the queen. Jestro discouraged this plan because Ruina had been petrified for a long time. However, Ruina showed how her hair was electrified and sayed that she was the most evil person in the entire kingdom.

Ruina led an army of Harpies and Gargoyles to capture the queen while she was at an annual hammer throwing contest. Ruina kidnapped the queen and drove off into the distance. Macy Halbert chased after her with her Thunder Mace, but she crashed into a farm allowing Ruina to escape with the queen. The Nexo Knights chased after her Lock and Roller and this lead the team away long enough for the Stone Monster Army to raid the Fortrex and steal a Rogul containing a Forbidden Power of Blazing Burn. 

Ruina led her Harpies and Gargolies to fight the Knights including Macy and Clay whose Battle Suit was held by Macy's Bot Drop Dragon. She drove them into a canyon. Ruina fought Clay with the lightning from her hair and her magic staff. Clay used a Nexo Power to fight the Gargoyles and petrify them. Clay attacked Ruina's Lock and Roller and pushed it off the cliff with Ruina surviving and being caught by Gargolies. Queen Halbert escaped the prison and was attacked by Gargolies. Clay saved her and petrified the gargolies but at that time the petrification process of his was fully completed. This left him frozen in the position while fighting the monsters.

Weekend at the Halberts

Ruina stood among the Stone Monsters while Monstrox was growing into his Cloud form. Ruina stood beside Jestro and General Garg on Jestro's Mobile Headquarters while the chased the Fortrex and were defeated by young knights. When they returned to Monstrox, Jestro admitted how they had been defeated by the kids and this made Monstrox laugh and grow into his cloud form.

The Gray Knight

Ruina is seen in the background of the Stone Monster Army.

In His Majesty's Secret Service

Clay Moorington infiltrated the Stone Monster Army. Monstrox said that he should meet the other monsters. Ruina shook hands with Clay and energy traveled though their hands which caused Clay to become more violent. Afterwards, a fight between the Stone Monsters and the Nexo Knight broke out. Ruina briefly stunned Clay and he asked if he knew Ruina. Ruina claimed that he already knew her. After the fight ended Clay continued to fight the monsters and eventually stopped. When the other Nexo Knights were ready to leave, Ruina had been hiding watching them

The Stranger in the Halps

While Clay Moorington meditates, he encounters Ruina in a dreamlike state. Ruina then blasts Clay with magic causing him to wake up.


Ruina is seen in the background when Monstrox and Jestro find the Forbidden Power of Metal Morphosis. When the Stone Monsters allied with Jorah Tightwad, Ruina is seen with the other Stone Monsters. Ruina is seen again when the Stone Monsters and Lord Krakenskull fight the Nexo Knights. She watched Clay in enjoyment while he went on a rampage killing the Stone Monsters and destroyed the Forbidden Power of Petrifying Quake. Clay chased Ruina and the Stone Monsters through a Forest. Clay tried to strike down Ruina but she stunned him using her magic and escaped.

Heart of Stone

Ruina stood around a campfire with Monstrox and Jestro. The team realized they needed 3 more Forbidden Powers to awaken the Colossus of Ultimate Destruction. When Clay went rogue from the team to find and destroy Monstrox and Jestro. Ruina tried to lure Clay in with her magic. However, The Nexo Knights told him the reading saying the Stone Monsters were there was false. Ruina laughed watching them leave, She returned to Jestro's headquarters when Monstrox and Jestro were driving it through the kingdom, However, she laughted from the backseat. When the Nexo Knights came to attack them, Clay went rogue and drove into the mobile headquarters and grabbed Jestro and jumped off the vehicle. Clay and Jestro landed on a hill where Clay grabbed Jestro's staff and destroyed the Forbidden Power of Confounding Confusion. Clay forced Jestro onto the ledge of a cliff intending to murder him, However, Ruina Stoneheart blasted him with her magic. Clay and Macy fought Ruina until Clay grabbed her and the two of them fell off the cliff. When they got up, Clay tried to attack Ruina but she blasted him again. Ruina then told clay that she is his mother. Clay did not believe her but was forced to leave by the Nexo Knights. Clay asked Merlok about Ruina and Merlok said that Ruina was telling the truth.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Merlok tells Ruina's backstory to the Nexo Knights by showing a slideshow of cartoon images. Ruina laughed while watching Jestro, and Monstrox released the Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction.

March of the Colossus

Ruina drives her Lock and Roller across the kingdom with the Colossus of Monstrox behind them. When The Nexo Knights attempted to attack the Colossus's head to destroy the Forbidden Powers, Ruina jumped onto the Flying Stone Boat with Jestro. They flew above the Colossus and Ruina used her magic to blast Axl causing him to fall into the Colossus's mouth. After defeating them, Ruina rides away with Jestro on his Mobile Headquarters.

The Fall

Ruina drives her Lock and Roller through the kingdom with the Stone Monsters. When the Nexo Knights attack the Forbidden Powers on top of the Stone Colossus, Ruina rides on the Flying Stone Boat with Jestro and Roberto Arnoldi. When Clay helped the Nexo Knights, attack the crown, Ruina tried to shot him with her magic, However Lance used his shield to block the beam and flip the stone boat. When the Colossus is destroyed and many of the Stone Monsters are turned to statues, Ruina evades petrification. While Jestro and Roberto Arnoldi are forced to clean up the mess caused by the crystalized pieces of the Stone Colossus. Ruina picks up a crystalized piece with a paw and green cloud on it and leaves while laughing.


  • Her hair is full of electricity
  • She is confirmed to be Clay’s mother in Heart of Stone
  • Her quote is similar to Darth Vader from Star Wars.
  • Her original name was Wanda Moorington
    • This makes her brother's name Merlok Moorington if Moorington is her maiden name.


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70349 Ruina's Lock & Roller

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