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The Royal Family is the esteemed imperial family of Knighton. They reside in the Knighton Castle, in Knightonia.

The current Royal Family is made up of two varying families - the Halberts and the Hammerins. While the Halberts wished to rule peacefully across the kingdom, without any threats, the Hammerins were born warriors and preferred battle.

Eventually, however, King Halbert would have to soon join battle against the Lava Monsters, using the Royal Mech for battle due to his ineptitude at it. They regularly work with the Nexo Knights, which their daughter, Macy, is a part of.


Prior to the series

During a lawless age of Knighton where Monsters roamed the land freely, a local farmer, Augustin Halbert, would set off to find seven other great warriors to battle the evil forces. They were soon victorious, and Halbert became the King of the land. They also wrote the Knight's Code, soon to become a handbook for the prestigious Knights' Academy.


  • Halbert family
  • King Augustin Halbert
  • Prince Smiley Halbert
  • Queen Epee Halbert
  • King Ofus Halbert
  • Princess Helle Halbert
  • Prince Nostril Halbert
  • King Tinneous Halbert I
  • Queen Spittle Halbert
  • King Thinneous Halbert II
  • Queen Ulfberht Halbert
  • Mooper
  • King Eggred Halbert
  • Macy Halbert
  • Hammerin family
  • Iffa I. Hadda Hammerin
  • Sabreena Slash-Hammerin
  • I.M. Hammerin
  • Ballpeena Hammerin
  • Timee Fore Hammerin
  • Maundy Cutlass-Pike
  • Doctor Tedious Pike
  • Mayor Regis Hammerin
  • First Lady Goshilde Pike-Hammerin
  • Queen Hama Halbert
  • Hadda Hammerin


  • The Hammerin family's crest is a dragon, while the Halbert family's is a lion.