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Years 2017
Set Appearances 70348 Lance's Twin Jouster

70354 Axl's Rumble Maker

First TV Appearance A Little Rusty
Special Armor N/A
Follows Jestro
Weapons & Gear Forbidden powers
Quote  ?
Voice Actor  ?

Roguls are Stone Monsters set to appear in Nexo Knights.

They were originally created by Merlok to store the Forbidden Powers in them. A combination of the forbidden power and the Cloud of Monstrox's lightning caused the Roguls to become members of his Stone Army.


  • He introduces a new minifigure leg piece.
    • When Roguls move, their leg piece swirls in a clockwise fashion.
  • Roguls guard a Forbidden Power hidden inside their bodies.
  • They cannot speak. Instead they simply make grunting sounds.
  • They can use Forbidden Powers
  • All Roguls turn into statues after defeating the colossus



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