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“Four-wheeled drive, mega suspension, double missile shooters, a detachable crossbow turret, and some other goodies. Have fun!”
Robin Underwood in "Test Drive"

The Rock Climber is a large offroader vehicle owned by Aaron Fox. Starting "Between a Rock and a Hard Place," it is able to disconnect the front from the cockpit, and its turret is able to detach and connect to Aaron's Battle Suit.


The Gray Knight

Aaron rides the Rock Climber into battle. Using it, he attacks and takes out many Stone Monsters. When Jestro began to use Shocking Scare, he began creating a defensive circle with Axl and Lance. After he downloaded a Nexo Power, he didn't use the Rock Climber. It was presumably recollected.

The Good, the Bad and the Tightwad

Aaron used the Rock Climber to try and find Clay, but ends up fighting Jestro. He jumps off of the Rock Climber, and likely recollects it.


Aaron uses the Rock Climber to battle Krakenskull, but it is turned to stone briefly after it is affected by Petrifying Quake. After Petrifying Quake is destroyed, it was restored to its original form.

Heart of Stone

Aaron drives the Rock Climber to try and stop Clay from going into a false alarm. When Clay realizes it was false, he and the Rock Climber drive back to the Fortrex.

When Jestro attacked, Aaron rode the Rock Climber to try and stop him, but Clay got the job done quickly. It was presumably driven back to the Fortrex.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Aaron drives the Rock Climber to battle the Stone Monsters in a narrow valley. While driving up a ledge, he and the other Knights are attacked by blasters, but they are able to swiftly avoid them. He extends the cockpit forward and is grabbed by Hotspur, and the Rock Climber is thrown over some rocks.

When practicing the use of the Battle Suit, Aaron used the turret of the Rock Climber to attack some rocks, but they are deflected and hit the turret. He then uses the Rock Climber's turret in combination with the Battle Suit to battle and defeat the Monsters.

March of the Colossus

It is seen in the background with the turret detached. Aaron also uses its turret on his Battle Suit as an upgraded weapon.

Official descriptions

Race head-on into a daring LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ adventure with the 3-in-1 Rock Climber, and use the futuristic off-road buggy to defeat Lord Krakenskull. Stop the evil lord attaching the Forbidden Power to the fearsome Krakenbeast and unleashing its true evil forces. Detach the rear crossbow machine and fire at the monster, then release the cockpit to launch the Aaron Bot in the mini-flyer—but watch out for the beast's tail with a Bouldron sting! Includes 3 scannable shields for the NEXO Powers Battle Cry and Slime Slugs, and Forbidden Power Devastating Decay.[1]

Off-Road Superbuggy

The Stone Monsters think they're safe in their mountain lairs. Not any more! With Aaron's all-terrain Rock Climber, there's no hiding place Aaron can't reach, and no rock face he can't smash through![2]



Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End



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