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“Well done, Sir Robin! This super-duper tip-top armor will come in very handy in the future!”
Merlok 2.0 in "Brave and Bold (and Short) Sir Robin"

The robot legs are a pair of mechanical legs with blasters created by Robin Underwood and powered by Merlok 2.0's magic. They are an example of Ultra Armor.


Brave and Bold (and Short) Sir Robin

After being denied going to battle because he was too small, Robin Underwood began to work on a project to make himself taller. After numerous failures, he was able to build the robot legs and they were successful, with the digital bullets able to destroy Lava Monsters.

Weekend at Halbert's

Robin used the robot legs to try and fight off the Gargoyles.

The Gray Knight

Robin was briefly seen with his robot legs when Clay attempted to attack him. description

Ultimate Robin is only in his first year at Knight's Academy, but has robotic ultra armor in a class of its own! Change his impressive spring-loaded shooter into robot legs to grow tall. Jolt opponents with the static shock projectiles or be sneaky and throw chicken legs at the enemy! Upgrade your battle skills by scanning shields to obtain 3 NEXO Powers for your digital collection of unique abilities to outsmart Jestro and the evil Lava monsters in the free LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™: MERLOK 2.0 app. Scan for 3 NEXO Powers: Mech Master, Chicken Power and Storm Dragon.[1]



Nexo Knights

Season 2: Books of Power

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End



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