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“My name is Roberto Arnoldi, and I am at your service! Would you like a lawn gnome? They are on extra special for you today! They come in many variations!”
— Roberto Arnoldi in "Mount Thunderstrox"

Roberto Arnoldi is a sculptor from Knighton. After taking a commission from King Halbert literally, he was forbidden from entry to Knighton again. He began living in small areas, selling sculptures for a living. After Jestro and Monstrox passed by, he began working for them.

After the events of "The Fall," Arnoldi was sent to community service and cleaning up the remains of the crystal Colossus. During this time, he began to regret working for Monstrox, vowing to never sculpt for as long as he lives.[1]


Prior to the series

Arnoldi was once a famous sculptor in Knighton. He once created a statue of his uncle Vito, who got furious at him. He once obtained the attention of King Halbert, who requested him to create a "smashing" statue of the Queen.[2]

Arnoldi quickly went to work and created a statue of Queen Halbert literally smashing monsters. Though the Queen loved it, the King was mad that he took him literally and was banned from Knighton.[2]

Arnoldi began living near a road, where he created small sculptures of gnomes for a living.[2]

Official description

Sometimes I feel like there's a bit of an artist in me. And because one artist attracts another, my path and Arnoldi's path had to cross sooner or later. He dreamed of creating incredible statues, and I made that happen right away... by zapping them! Now, he's the most famous sculptor in Knightonia! And I've got an even bigger, scarier army. I adore the coming together of great minds! (And even with those less great, if they have a bone to pick with the king too!) To be blunt, Arnoldi ain't the sharpest too, in the shed, as he tends to take things very literally. But that makes him VERY easy to control.[3]


Nexo Knights

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

Season 4: The End


  • Roberto seems to know how to cook, which he learned from his mother.[4]
  • He speaks with an Italian accent, and speaks Italian sometimes. This is a reference to how many Italian sculptors are famous.



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