Roberto Arnoldi
Roberto arnoldi
Years 2017
Set Appearances Non sets
First TV Appearance 2017
Special Armor Non
Follows king Halbert(Formerly)
Weapons & Gear Non
Quote Art...She's always alive in the heart of the true artist
Voice Actor Vincent Tong

Roberto Arnoldi is a sculptor of Knighton's kingdom who worked for King Halbert but was expelled by him after a sculpture he would have missed according to the latter. He, therefore, wishes to take revenge on the King and thus becomes the sculptor of Jestro and Monstrox.


  • Roberto seems to know how to cook, as he cooked something with marinara sauce for Jestro, as seen in Between a Rock and a Hard Place, in which the jester is prone to carsick, and thus felt nauseous, much to Arnoldi's anger and slight dismay.
    • In the same episode, Arnoldi mentioned to Jestro that he got the recipe from his mother in supposedly Italian.
  • Arnoldi is most likely Italian, with facts supporting this.
    • He cooks with marinara, an Italian tomato sauce, as mentioned above.
    • He replied Jestro with the Italian word "capishe/capire/capisce", which means "understand". (Rotten Luck)
    • He scolded Jestro with supposedly Italian, as mentioned above.
    • He speaks with an Italian accent.


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