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“The Forbidden Power of Relentless Rust! Put it in my staff!”
Monstrox to Jestro in "A Little Rusty"

Relentless Rust is a Forbidden Power that is able to rust anything made of metal or iron-rich.


Prior to the series

Relentless Rust was one of many Forbidden Powers created by Monstrox in his thirst for power to reign over Knighton. He kept it on a chain. After a battle, Merlok obtained the Forbidden Powers. Merlok placed Relentless Rust in the Iron Mountain.

A Little Rusty

Jestro and Monstrox travelled to the Iron Mountain to obtain the Forbidden Power, which Jestro placed in the Staff of Monstrox. They later used the Forbidden Power on the Nexo Knights' power armor, causing it to rust, and the Rogul rusted the Thunder Mace and the treads of the Fortrex.

Mount Thunderstrox

Jestro and Monstrox traveled to Mount Thunderstrox so they could transfer Relentless Rust's stone tablet to one of the Standing Stones.

During the battle between the Stone Monsters and the Nexo Knights, the Rogul of Relentless Rust rusted the Nexo Knight vehicles again and attempted to rust the Falcon Fighter Blaster, but he accidentally hit the Evil Mobile and made it rust out of existence.


  • Metal rusting: The user can use Relentless Rust to rust anything metal, making it weak, and occasionally, rust away.
  • Iron-rich rusting: The user can rust away anything iron-rich, such as the lava in the Evil Mobile.

In-game information

Type Power Attack Defense Heal
Armor Slow, Weaken 3 3 0

Nice and shiny things will meet their end as Relentless Rust will break down any metal and render it fragile and useless (and not pretty).[1]


Nexo Knights

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton