Beautiful Princess6
Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
First TV Appearance Fright Knight
Special Armor  ?
Family Crest N/A
Weapons & Gear  ?
Quote "Will you just hurry up and save me already?!"
Voice Actor Unknown

 The Princess is a common incidental character design that can be seen around in the Kingdom of Knighton. Usually taking a distressed role, she exists to serve as a generic design to use whenever the plot requires such a damsel in distress. Macy is also a princess as well. In The Maze Of Amazement an illusioned damsel using this design appears, with the name Zoot.


Princesses are usually born into royal families, to a king and queen. However, Some princesses don't like their everyday life and proceed to spice things up to their heart's content. In Good Knight Clay Moorington, such a damsel can be seen in a flashback to Clay's youth, having her purse stolen before Clay returns it to her. Additionally, in Lance's character teaser short,[1] two knights can be seen trying to impress a princess with the same design, and the two fail. In this short, Lance arrives on the scene and instantly wins the princess over. She can be seen again in The Champion Of Chivalry, as Lance pushes a group of people of of the way just so he may escort her. It is not certain if these three appearances of the damsel are the same person, however.


This incidental character design can be seen wearing a floor-length pink gown with lighter pink and black accents, and a white short-sleeved blouse under her dress. Around her waist she is wearing a gold belt with a red gem encased in the belt buckle, and a maching pendant. She has blonde hair tied into a bun, and her face has defined cheekbones. Sometimes she may be depicted wearing a pink conical hennin that matches her gown, with a lighter pink cointoise matching the light pink accent of her gown as well.


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