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“It combines the power of petrifaction with the power of earthquakes.”
“No way! Two powers in one?”
“Double the trouble.”
Monstrox and Jestro in "Krakenskull"

Petrifying Quake was a Forbidden Power that was created Lord Krakenskull by combining the Forbidden Powers of Petrifying Power and Cracking Quake, allowing the Krakenbeast to turn anything into stone and create strong earthquakes.


Prior to the series

Petrifying Quake was created by Krakenskull after experimenting with Petrifying Power and Cracking Quake, allowing him to combine the power of quakes and petrification.

However, he was overconfident with the Power and ended up accidentally petrifying himself, Krakenbeast, and his Stone Stompers.



  • Petrifying roar: Krakenbeast is able to petrify targeted objects and vehicles by roaring at them, releasing a shockwave at the target.
  • Petrifying earthquakes: Krakenbeast is able to channel its Forbidden Power into its arms and smash the ground with its front limbs, causing an earthquake that turns anything hit into stone.
  • Earthquakes: Krakenbeast can create non-petrifying earthquakes that can cause enemies to become disgruntled and discoordinated.
  • Immense power: Petrifying Quake is immensely powerful, to the point that Krakenskull accidentally petrified himself and his army.


Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End