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Nexo Powers are futuristic energy downloads loaded into the weapons and shields of the Nexo Knights. They are commonly used to fight against the monsters that they battle.

Using the Triangulator, Merlok 2.0 is able to combine three different Nexo Powers into a Combo Nexo Power in order to have stronger effects on the opponents.

In the unproduced season 5, Nexo Powers would be sucked from Mechlok and converted into the shields and weapons of the CyberBiters, as well as Monstrox.

The Nexo Powers shown on the shields when downloaded and seen in the sets are able to be scanned into the video game.



  • Disintegration: The user is able to disintegrate Lava Monsters into magical dust and return them into the Book of Monsters as long as they are struck with the weapon, shield or anything downloaded with the Nexo Power.
  • Petrification: The user, by striking the opposing Stone Monster, is able to petrify them back into a statue, though they can be re-electrocuted.
  • Combination: Using the Triangulator, three Nexo Powers can be combined to have a better effect on opponents, though only three Knights can have it downloaded.
  • Energy Sword: When combined with magical abilities, Nexo Powers can function as an energy sword to use to damage opponents.

List of Nexo Powers

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In show

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  • The name was chosen because it was able to be legally approved.[1]