Nexo Knights
Nexo Knights In pose.png
Years 2016
Known Members Merlok 2.0 (mentor)
Clay Moorington
Aaron Fox
Macy Halbert
Lance Richmond
Robin and Ava (honorary members)
First TV Appearance All
Part Good
Allies Kingdom of Knighton
Enemies Lava Monster Army (formerly)
Stone Monsters
Tech Virus Monsters
Leader Merlok 2.0 (mentor)
Status Active

The Nexo Knights are a team of young warriors with advanced technology, in Nexo Knights theme of the same name. New graduates of the Knights' Academy, they are sworn to protect the Kingdom of Knighton from Jestro, Monstrox and his Monster Army.

They operate from their "moving castle" base, the Fortrex. They also use special Nexo Powers to defeat the enemies.



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