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Nexo Knights (stylized as NEXO KNIGHTS) is a CGI comedy-action fantasy sci-fi television series that aired on Cartoon Network from December 13, 2015 to September 1, 2017.

The first two pilot episodes, The Book of Monsters - Part 1 and Part 2, first aired on December 13, 2015. The next few episodes of the first season aired a month later.

It is intended to tie-in with the the LEGO theme of the same name. Viewers are able to scan Nexo Powers from the television series directly into the app.

Though the series ended in 2018 due to production and budgetary issues,[1] despite it exceeding sales expectations,[2] Samuel Johnson,[3] Peter Griffiths,[4] and Tommy Andreasen[5] hope for its return, as do other cast members.[6][7][8][9] Samuel Johnson notes that it is possible it could return,[3] though Tommy Andreasen doubts the story arc would complete.[10]


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Cast and crew




  • Peter Griffiths
  • Torsten Jacobsen
  • Ole Holm Christensen
  • Lotte Kronborg
  • Vicky Kjaer Jensen



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Season 1: The Book of Monsters: 1. "The Book of Monsters - Part 1" · 2. "The Book of Monsters - Part 2" · 3. "The Power of Merlok" · 4. "The Knight's Code" · 5. "Fright Knight" · 6. "The Golden Castle" · 7. "The Maze of Amazement" · 8. "The Black Knight" · 9. "The Book of Total Badness" · 10. "The Might and the Magic"
Season 2: Books of Power: 11. "Back to School" · 12. "Greed is Good?" · 13. "The Book of Obsession" · 14. "The King's Tournament" · 15. "Monster Chef" · 16. "Knight Out" · 17. "Saturday Knight Fever" · 18. "Open Mike Knight" · 19. "The Fortrex and the Furious" · 20. "Kingdom of Heroes"
Season 3: Storm Over Knighton: 21. "The Cloud" · 22. "A Little Rusty" · 23. "Mount Thunderstrox" · 24. "Rotten Luck" · 25. "Storm Over Rock Wood" · 26. "Miner Setback" 27. "Knight at the Museum" · 28. "Hot Rock Massage" · 29. "Rock Bottom" · 30. "In Charge"
Season 4: The End: 31. "Weekend at Halbert's" · 32. "The Gray Knight" · 33. "The Good, the Bad and the Tightwad · 34. "In His Majesty's Secret Service" · 35. "The Stranger in the Halps · 36. "Krakenskull" · 37. "Heart of Stone" · 38. "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" · 39. "March of the Colossus" · 40. "The Fall"
Season 5: TerrorBytes: "Coming of the Technomancer"
Webisodes: 1. "Alliance of the Fortrex" · 2. "Jestro the Bad... the Really, Really Bad" · 3. "Good Knight Clay Moorington!" · 4. "Lucky to be Lance" · 5. "Sir Axl... the Ever-Hungry" · 6. "Joust Game on Aaron!" · 7. "Macy's Parade" · 8. "Brave and Bold (and Short) Sir Robin"
App-exclusive: 1. "Knights of the Realm - Part 1" · 2. "Knights of the Realm - Part 2"
4D Movie: The Book of Creativity

Theme song

From the second season onwards, Carpark North's song Unbreakable is used as the theme song.


  • Like all other LEGO cartoons, the series is rated TV-Y7.
  • It was originally titled "The Knights of Avatron"[11] and was later named "Knighton" for a short while.[12]
  • The goal for Nexo Knights was to create a brand that would be the top for boys in 2016, but also be interesting enough for two years.[12]
  • LEGO had toyed with futuristic knights before but had never explored it deeply like in Nexo Knights.[12]
  • The designers had toyed around with creating a tower defense video game for Nexo Knights before deciding that its core theme would be collectibility in the Nexo Powers.[12]
  • Around the time of Season 4's airing, the eighth season of Ninjago also began to air, causing an issue with the timeslots.
    • Because Nexo Knights was generally not as popular, a television channel moved its timeslot to 4:30AM, causing it to have bad ratings, ending the series.[13]
  • Despite the medieval theme, dragons were not added to the series because Ninjago already had them.[14]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, it is not possible at the moment to create a Ninjago-Nexo Knights crossover.[15]
  • Tommy Andreasen noted that there is a lot of adult humor in Nexo Knights,[16] and that there is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail in every episode as of 2016.[17]


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