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Nexo Knights is the TV series for the LEGO theme of the same name. It first aired on Cartoon Network in the United States on December 13, 2015. The show then began airing in the UK on December 19, 2015.


LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS is a 40-episode, animated adventure comedy series, it debuted on select global broadcast television networks in late December 2015 and aired throughout 2016. The core means by which children follow the story and get to know the characters, the series follows the constant adventures of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS heroes and villains. Children will also be able to scan new LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS powers directly from their content viewing screen into their app games, further connecting their play experience.


Season 1

This season serves as the beginning of the Nexo Knights' adventures to fight against forces of evil, mainly focusing on Jestro's descent to evil. The season primarily served to introduce and establish the setting, the characters, their personalities, and motivations.

  1. The Book of Monsters - Part 1
  2. The Book of Monsters - Part 2
  3. The Power of Merlok
  4. The Knights Code
  5. Fright Knight
  6. The Golden Castle
  7. The Maze of Amazement
  8. The Black Knight
  9. The Book of Total Badness
  10. The Might and the Magic

Season 2

This season focused on preventing the magical books from falling into the wrong hands of Jestro and the Book of Monsters. This season was first aired on July 24, 2016 on Cartoon Network UK.

  1. Back to School
  2. Greed is Good?
  3. The Book of Obsession
  4. The King's Tournament
  5. The Monster Chef
  6. Knight-Out
  7. Saturday Knight Fever
  8. Open Mic Knight
  9. The Fortrex and the Furious
  10. Kingdom of Heroes

Season 3

  1. The Cloud
  2. A Little Rusty
  3. Mount Thunderstrox
  4. Rotten Luck
  5. Storm Over Rock Wood
  6. Miner Setback
  7. Knight at the Museum
  8. Hot Rock Massage
  9. Rock Bottom
  10. In Charge

Season 4

  1. Weekend at the Halberts
  2. The Gray Knight
  3. The Good, The Bad, and The Tightwad
  4. In His Majesty's Secret Service
  5. The Stranger in the Halps
  6. Krakenskull
  7. Heart of Stone
  8. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  9. March of the Colossus
  10. The Fall

Season 5

Season 5 was canceled due to budget cuts. LEGO still released sets for this season and as of March 2019, the Merlok 2.0 app still runs.


Eight webisodes were released and can be watched on the official Lego Youtube Channel. Each of the webisodes was focused on one of the characters, and set during season 1.

  1. Alliance of the Fortrex
  2. Jestro the Bad... The Really, Really Bad
  3. Good Knight Clay Moorington
  4. Lucky to be Lance
  5. Sir Axl...The Ever Hungry
  6. Joust Games on Aaron!
  7. Macy's Parade
  8. Brave and Bold (And Short) Sir Robin


A series of shorts similar to the webisodes have been posted on the official Lego Youtube Channel as well; set during different points in the series and focusing on various different characters.

  1. Champion of Chivalry
  2. Broom of Doom
  3. Shark Attack
  4. The Way to Battle
  5. Remote Control
  6. Fire Flies
  7. Star Fall
  8. Transforming
  9. Rock'n'Roll
  10. Tale of The Nexo Powers
  11. Royal Brawl
  12. Quicksand
  13. Snake Den
  14. Attack and Rescue
  15. Jestro Turns Bad- again!
  16. Unite Against Evil
  17. Combine ‘n’ Play
  18. Three Brothers
  19. Gargoyles and Harpies
  20. Forbidden Powers
  21. Always Prepared
  22. Time to Combine!
  23. Game Time!

Theme Song

From the second season onwards, Unbreakable is the theme song of Nexo Knights.

Voice Cast


  • Michael Donovan - Casting and Voice Director


Season 1

Season 2

LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Trailer Season 2 70s

LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Trailer Season 2 70s

Season 2 Trailer


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