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Years TBA
Set Appearances N/A
TV Episodes TBA
Special Armor Cape
Mushroom head
Tattered red cape
Minions & Followers Forest Monsters
Weapons & Gear Fungalibur
'Shrooms of Doom
Quote "Soon you will feel the wrath of the spore!"
Voice Actor N/A

Mushlord the Marauder is an antagonist in the Nexo Knights universe. He appears in a sticker book and the The Book of Monsters. He is the leader of the Forest Monsters.


Mushlord has a white head and white arms with grey hands. His head has a giant mushroom "hat" with a red cap and white spots, resembling certain real-life mushroom species. He has yellow eyes and sharp teeth. His legs are green and he wears a brown suit with a dark strap and a dark red, tattered cape. Grass is attached under his belt on his suit, which extends down to his knees.


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