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“Ah, finally! I can get out of my holographic tether and into the fight!”
Merlok 2.0 in "The Fall"

Mechlok is a Battle Suit created by Robin Underwood as part of phase two to stop the Stone Colossus once and for all. It has Merlok 2.0 downloaded into the mech's system.

During the battle against the Colossus, Mechlok jumped down and downloaded the ultimate Combo Nexo Power, and downloading it into his system, transformed the Colossus into fragile crystal, and attacked it until it was destroyed.

After its destruction, Merlok continued to use Mechlok until it was taken apart by CyberBiters.[1]


Prior to The Fall

In his plan to defeat the Colossus, Robin built Mechlok into the Rumble Rocket.

The Fall

Mechlok was set into the Rumble Rocket. When Merlok told Robin that they needed to begin phase two, Mechlok was revealed and he jumped onto the Colossus. Using spells to attack the Colossus' crown, he realized that it would fail and downloaded a Combo Nexo Power, Magic Crystal Fall, to transform the Colossus into fragile and breakable crystal. He used his staff to hit and destroy the Forbidden Powers and hastily escaped once the Colossus fell.

Season 5: TerrorBytes

Mechlok would eventually be destroyed by CyberBiters.[1]



Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End


  • In the set description, it is misspelled "Mechlock".


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