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Mecha Horse

Mecha Horse image

Mecha Horse Motorcycle

Years 2016
Set Appearances 70312 Lance's Mecha Horse
First TV Appearance Premieres in The Power of Merlok
Special Features Can turn from a horse into a motorcycle
Abilities  ?

Mecha Horse may refer to 70312 Lance's Mecha Horse. For other uses, visit Mecha Horse (disambiguation).

The Mecha Horse is Lance Richmond's vehicle. It appears in many of the 2016 episodes on CN and the webisodes on

As the name says, the Mecha Horse designed as a horse, but with a special abillity to turn into a motorcycle so Lance could reach the battle quickly, it had 2 wheels that conected to the horse's legs, it also had a blaster there his Squirebot sit and use which connected near the place there Lance ride the mech.

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