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“Isn't a Mecha Steed a little... old-fashioned?”
Macy to Lance Richmond in "The Power of Merlok"

The Mecha Horse is a large, altered Hover Horse owned by Lance Richmond. It has an additional seat for Dennis. It is nicknamed "Concordo" by Lance.[1]

It possesses the function of converting into the Turbo Jouster,[2][3] a fast motorcycle for quick travel.


Official descriptions

Lance's Mecha Horse

Saddle up and charge into battle on the 2-in-1 buildable Mecha Horse! Take on the evil Flame Thrower in Mecha Horse mode or switch to super-fast Turbo Jouster mode. Defeat the enemy with the NEXO Lance and missile shooters, or send trusty Lance Bot into the thick of the action to do all the hard work—so you can steal the glory! Includes a scannable shield for 1 NEXO Power: Tractor Beam.[4]

Mecha Horse by Lance Richmond

I have the classiest vehicle of all the Knights. It's a classic hover horse named Concordo that converts into a super cycle at the touch of a button. A stylish knight knows nothing less. I don't know how it actually works, I just drive around looking good in it. My Mecha Horse is the best because, well, I'm the best.[1]



Nexo Knights

Season 1: The Book of Monsters

Season 2: Books of Power



  • The idea for the Mecha Horse was "a horse is not a horse, that is a Mecha Horse, or a Mecha Steed as we call it, and that thing can turn into a motorcycle."[5]


In Nexo Knights



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