Marquis de Seaweed
Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
TV Episodes N/A
Special Armor Knight Armor, Helmet
Minions & Followers Sea Monsters
Weapons & Gear Fish bowl, Trident
Quote "My enemy's anemone is my enemy too!"
Voice Actor  ?

Marquis de Seaweed is an antagonist in the Nexo Knights universe. He is the leader of the Sea Monsters.


Book of Monsters Description

Oh no! I must've sprung a leak! No wait... it's one of my Sea Monsters! I forgot to mention this, but Magma beasts are not the only creatures you'll find in my pages. Sea Monsters live here too, travelling on pirate ships fueled by electric eels. This is their leader, the Marquis de Seaweed. Kind of a pretentious title if you ask me. But he swings a nasty trident, and his pet piranha, Shredder, just turned three of my chapters into confetti! But don't worry - those were the really good chapters with magic spells and secrets. You wouldn't want those, would you? Ha! Of course you would! That's what I love about these monsters! They ruin ALL your fun!


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