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Malicious Melting is a Forbidden Power that is able to melt ice and snow.


Prior to the series

Malicious Melting was one of many Forbidden Powers created by Monstrox in his thirst for power to reign over Knighton. He kept it on a chain. After a battle, Merlok obtained the Forbidden Powers and scattered them across the kingdom, placing Malicious Melting near Snottingham.

Heart of Stone

While looking for Forbidden Powers, Krakenbeast found Malicious Melting, the first of the findings, and gave it to Jestro, who placed it in the Staff of Monstrox and used it on Snottingham, melting a snowman and some snow on roofs. He then placed it in the Standing Stones.


  • Melting: The user can use Malicious Melting to instantly melt ice and snow in a large targeted area.

In-game information

Type Power Attack Defense Heal
Burn Slow 4 2 0

Useless on a warm sunny day, but during winter it can melt snow faster than you can say Frosty the Snowman.[1]


Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End