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“Yep! Anything with a face or form is fair game for me to zap to life!”
Monstrox to Jestro in "The Cloud"

Magic lightning[1] (simply known as Monstrox's lightning) is a special ability used by the Cloud of Monstrox. It enables him to strike stone with electricity and bring them to life.


  • Lightning bolts - Monstrox is able to release electric bolts from his cloud-like form with varying effects. The lightning is based on the amount of moisture in his body, and if he lacks moisture, he can't release strong bolts.[2]
    • Lightning breath - Monstrox is able to release his lightning from his mouth when he is in his book form.[3]
    • Reanimation - By striking stone statues, Monstrox is able to bring the stone to life, imbued with evil magic. He can also reanimate Stone Monsters that have been petrified by Nexo Powers.
    • Transformation - Monstrox was able to transform Jestro into an electricity being, changing his outfit and making him want to be evil again.[4]
    • Petrification - Due to it being the opposite of his ability to bring stone to life,[5] Monstrox can turn living beings to stone, as he was able to turn Clay to stone after he was struck by his magic ligtning.
    • Electric strike - Monstrox typically used his lightning to get Roberto Arnoldi to start working by making him feel pain.

Higher-level abilities

  • Fire lightning - After obtaining four Forbidden Powers, Monstrox grew massive in size and used the Power of Blazing Burn to make his lightning set anything on fire.[6]

Known users