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Magic is a powerful mystical force that encompasses Knighton. Magic is used by wizards, sorcerers and necromancers and is used in battles or for showmanship. It is a natural gift and is channeled through a weapon such as a staff.


  • Mystokinesis - The user can cast spells and control magic.
    • Telekinesis - The user is able to make objects hover and move objects.
    • Transmogrification - The user can transform living beings into rocks using powerful spells.[1]
    • Magic blast - The user can release magical energy at a specific target causing great damage or delivering great shock waves of force.[1]
    • Magical beam emission - Users of magic can create a potent beam composed of concentrated magical energy.
    • Magic illusions - The user can create illusions out of magical energy.[2]
    • Magic disguise: The user can use their magic abilities to transform their appearance into someone else.[3]
    • Magic theft: The user is able to strip someone else of their magical abilities.[3]
    • Magical channeling - The user can channel their magical energy into objects, such as a staff; however, it can also be placed in tablets.
    • Evil channeling: The user is able to change a person's personality and channel the evil inside of them, driving them mad.[4]
    • Magical freeze: The user can cast a spell that freezes the space around them and individuals neabry, but not themselves.[5]
    • Magical communication: While the target is meditating, the user can get inside the target's head and communicate with them.[6]
    • Magic weapon: The user is able to create a weapon from their magic.[7]
    • Nexo Power downloading: The user is capable of downloading the entire system of Nexo Powers and casting a download.[7]

Higher-level powers

  • Magical explosion: The user is able to create a destructive magical explosion in a certain area that is able to absolutely decimate buildings and blow opponents out of an area. The user will be engulfed in the blast, however, and will perish.[2]

Known users