Character image 360x480 MacyBot
Years 2016
Set Appearances 70319 Macy’s Thunder Mace
70361 Macy's Bot Drop Dragon
TV Episodes N/A
Allies Nexo Knights
Macy Halbert
Built for Macy Halbert
Weapons & Gear Helmet
Quote N/A
Voice Actor  ?

The Macybot is a minor character in Nexo Knights. He serves as the Squirebot of Macy Halbert.

Background Description

Macy Bot was commissioned by King Halbert to teach his daughter how to be a princess. When Macy became a knight, Ava reprogrammed the bot to be Macy’s squire, but there are still some bits of the old program left. Therefore, Macy sometimes finds her armor has been properly ironed and her power mace wrapped in the most beautiful princess dresses and wearing a tiara.


  • It's one of the Squirebots what have not physically appeared, the other one being the Axlbot.
  • Its helmet doesn't fit entirely over its head.


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