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“And now, my most important moment as your king. Macy Halbert, princess of this land, you a have distinguished yourself in the field of battle and have carried yourself with dignity and courage. I now right a great injustice. I knight thee, Macy, protector of the realm.”
“Dad, um, I mean, my lord and liege, I pledge my mace, my shield, and my life to your kingdom.”
King Halbert and Macy in "The Might and the Magic"

Princess Macy Halbert is a Nexo Knight and the princess of Knighton. She is also the daughter of King and Queen Halbert and a childhood friend of Clay Moorington.


As a child, Macy had to train in proper royal manners and skills, which she detests. She then observes her mother training, which inspires her to be a knight. Initially unknown to her, her mother gifted a mace to Macy, much to her delight and trains herself in combat.

She eventually meets Clay in the Academy, in which the young boy recognizes her as the girl in the castle. Due to having similar personalities and passions, both got along well in their Academy days.


Macy struggled with her parents believing that she didn't have what it took to become a knight, and vowed to prove them wrong. It is this drive that made her a valuable member of the team.

It is revealed in "Fright Knight" that Macy has a fear of being the pretty little princess her father wants her to be, with no possible chance of becoming a true knight. Her talent of fighting is similar to her mother's.[1]

She seems to have a greater concern over Clay. This relationship starts during their time in the Knights' Academy and both got along well. Upon learning the truth behind Clay's innate magical powers and about his past, Macy sympathizes the latter’s shortcomings.



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Official descriptions


Macy is very dedicated to being a knight. She wants to protect Knighton and she wants to prove to her father that she is a great fighter. She is mad that he won’t recognize her and she takes it out on every monster she can swing her power mace at. She loves going into battle with her friends, which always makes her father very nervous. Oh, did I mention her father is King Halbert and Macy is also a princess of the realm?[2]


Macy has two different sides to her. She is both a princess and a protector of the realm. She is a strong, sharp and independent woman. She can really handle herself on the battlefield, but her father King Halbert can hardly handle that she so joyfully leaps into battle. He wants her to be a princess, doing official business in nice dresses, but Macy prefers clothes made of iron, not clothes that needs to be ironed. Deep down Macy feels change coming. How long can she continue being both a protector and a princess?[3]

The Book of Monsters

DEAR KING HALBERT, What can I say? Your daughter Macy is a-Mace-ing! What a Princess! And what a Knight! She can do it all! Macy is like the big sister I always wanted-but with awesome weapon skills! You should be so proud of her.



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Season 2: Books of Power

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton

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Behind the scenes

  • Her name is a play on the word "mace," her favorite weapon.
  • She is similar to Princess Storm from the LEGO Castle franchise. They both have helmet plumes, red hair and their kingdom's symbol is a lion.


  • She is the only female Nexo Knight and the only Nexo Knight without a sibling.
  • Her helmet plume is identical to the color and shape of her ponytail, implying her ponytail goes through the helmet.
  • As she doesn't have a vehicle for the 2018 wave of sets, she has the least amount of vehicles out of the Nexo Knights.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Clay and Macy's relationship is purely platonic.[4]


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