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Lord Krakenskull

Lord Kraken Skull 2


Mask of creation

Years 2017
Set Appearances 70355 Aaron's Rock Climber
First TV Appearance Krakenskull
Special Armor N/A
Follows Jestro
General Garg
Weapons & Gear Forbidden Power of Petrifying Quake (Formerly)
Thunder Sword
Voice Actor

Lord Krakenskull is a villain from Nexo Knights Summer 2017. He is the commander of the Stone Monsters.


Lord Krakenskull was an ancient warlord. He had a whole army of warriors under his command.  He tried combining the Forbidden Powers: Cracking Quake and Petrifying Power together, but the power was too strong, and buried Krakenskull and his army underground, petrifyed.


Jorah Tightwad and the Tighty Knighties found Lord Krakenskull and his army buried underground. They allied with Monstrox and Jestro and Krakenskull and his army were reanimated, his warriors became Gargoyles.Krakenskull rode his Kraken dog through a forest and fought the Nexo knights with the Forbidden Power of Petrifying Quake. He turned their vehicles to stone until Clay came to the rescue and destroyed the Forbidden Power of Petrifying Quake, However, Krakenskull escaped with his Kraken Dog.

Heart of Stone

Krakenskull returns commanding many Stone Monsters. With his Kraken Dog, He found the Forbidden Powers of Malicious Melting, Evil Evaporate and Confounding Confusion which was destroyed by the Grey Knight. Krakenskull helped Monstrox find Jestro when he narrowly escaped Clay's wrath.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Krakenskull's Kraken Dog unearths the Forbidden Power of Awesome Annihilation.

March of the Colossus

Krakenskull rides his Kraken Dog through the realm preceding the Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction.

The Fall

Lord Krakenskull is seen riding his Kraken Dog in the background.


Season 4


  • He appears to have the Mask of Creation etched into his armor.


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