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Character image 360x480 Lavaria

70335 alt4

Years 2016
Set Appearances 70335 Ultimate Lavaria
70323 Jestro's Volcano Base
First TV Appearance The Golden Castle
Special Armor  ?
Follows Jestro
Weapons & Gear Spider legs
Quote "Did I come at a bad time?"
Voice Actor Nicole Oliver

Lavaria is a lava monster in Nexo Knights.

Background description

Lavaria is not the usual loud and noisy “I am going to crush everything!” kind of monster. She is a sneaky kind of monster and therefore the chief spy of Jestro’s army. This silent warrior can steal everything except what she truly wishes for – a kiss from her wicked master.


  • Sparkks and Burnzie often coax Lavaria into drawing them pictures for their scrapbooks.
  • Jestro has a crush on her, as seen in The Golden Castle.
    • And it is implied in her page that she too has a crush on him, and the only thing she couldn’t steal is a kiss from the Jester.
  • Her minifigure depicts her with a mole, but in the series, she lacks a mole.
  • Lavaria has reformed and became a yoga teacher at Burningham as seen in the episode Hot Rock Massage.


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TV series

Season 1

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