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The Lava Lands Amusement Center (also known as the Lava Lands Amusement Castle[1] or the Lavalands Amusement Park[2]), formerly known as Monstrox's castle, was formerly the castle of Monstrox. It is currently an amusement park owned by Cuthbert Richmond.


Prior to the series

After defeating Monstrox, Merlok shrunk his castle and encased it in a snowglobe, transferring it to the care of Persnickety Marge.[3]

After Monstrox's defeat

Cuthbert Richmond purchased the land of the castle, which he refurbished into a Lava Monster-themed amusement park. He also started a public event for the opening of the park.[1]



Nexo Knights

Season 2: Books of Power

Season 3: Storm Over Knighton


  • It is is very different from its set form, being much taller while not as wide and lacking various features of the set, most notably the massive rotating mouth in the front of the castle.



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