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“They were thinking, we should make a heroic statue of our son out of solid gold, the family's most precious metal formed in the shape of their most precious son!”
— Lance to the Nexo Knights in "Krakenskull"

Sir Lancelot "Lance" Richmond[1] is the rich, spoiled yet heroic son of former knight Cuthbert Richmond and Goldie Richmond, and a Nexo Knight. Born in the Richmond family, a family of knights, he gained a distaste for being a knight and wanted to become an actor. Despite his protests, his parents forced him to become a Knight.[1][2]


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Lance's defining character traits are that he's very full of himself, and very spoiled. He does not enjoy training very much and would much rather lounge around relaxing or go clubbing. He doesn't like taking orders and prefers to impulsively rush into things without much forethought. This doesn't mean that he's dense or unintelligent, however, as he was quick to realize Lavaria's nefarious ploy to capture the King and Queen.[3] He also seems to have a fondness for animals, based on his immediate attachment to Hamletta and recurring animal motifs associated with him.

Often times he enjoys annoying team leader Clay, and getting a reaction from him. This usually leads to the two butting heads due to their differing approaches to knighthood, but Lance still respects Clay and cares about his well-being. Despite this he genuinely cares for his friends as much as he cares about himself, often setting aside his pride and admit that he's wrong for their benefit and trying to be courteous of their feelings. And though he is spoiled, he often tries to share the things he loves most with them, as well, such as offering his soda to Clay and Macy, and asking them all to star in a movie with him.[4]

He seems to harbor some insecurities about himself and how he is perceived by others. He is shown to be afraid of obscurity and being ignored,[5] and how he belittles himself to admit that he was being hypocritical.[6] It's addressed again in a one-sided conversation he has with Hamletta.[7][8] Lance is passionate about theater, and frequently makes puns and references based on various plays and movies.


Lance has neck-length platinum blond hair. He has a slightly curly hairstyle, but it also seems to be straight and wavy. His face has defined cheekbones with a bit of a cleft chin, blond eyebrows, and he's usually depicted with a smug grin.

Lance's outfit is typically colored white or silver with gray highlights. He always has generally lighter shoulder pads compared to the other Nexo Knights.

Official descriptions


Lance likes a good fight against evil monsters, but he loves being famous. Born and raised in a wealthy family, things have always come easy to Lance and he wants it to stay that way. All that fighting just messes up his shiny armor and curly hair and makes him look less than perfect in pictures.[9]


Lance is a NEXO KNIGHTS hero and he likes defending the realm against monstrous attackers, but his heart really beats for fame. Since he was a little boys he has dreamed of being a celebrity with his own TV-show. After the defeat of Monstrox, his dream came true and he has his own show. So as dark clouds gather over Knighton and a new threat rises, Lance must search deep within himself and make a difficult choice: Am I a NEXO KNIGHTS hero or a celebu-knight?[10]

The Book of Monsters

DEAR KING HALBERT, I really admire Lance. Not just because he's rich and famous, but because he loves his fans as much as they love him. I once asked him for an autograph and he signed the top of my jester's hat. I didn't wash it for three months! I hope I can be as gracious as him when I become famous![11]

The Book of Monstrox

Richmond is - in a word - shiny! And he's obsessed with his hair. I'm not scared of this one. He loves being on TV more than anything. To fight Lance, you must casually mention that his TV ratings have been slipping. Then throw some mud on his armour, and finally, mess up his perfect hair. It throws him off his game every time.



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Nexo Knights

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Behind the scenes

  • He is named after his weapon, a lance.
  • His name doubles as a reference to Lancelot du Lac of Arthurian legend, one of the most classic depictions of a romantic knight.
  • He and Clay are the only two members of the Nexo Knights to have noticed the cause of the chaos in Knighton.[12]
  • In the show, his armor is a slightly lighter shade of silver than the other Knights'.


  • Lance once signed the top of Jestro's hat and he didn't wash it for three months.[13]
  • When asked what would happen with Lance if season 5 were to have occurred, Ian Hanlin, Lance's voice actor, thought he would still learn to be a team player.[14]
  • According to an interview with Ian Hanlin, Lance uses "Dapper Dan" hair gel, which is the same hair gel used by Kai from Ninjago.[15]
  • His movies are often references to other films.
    • Lance-formers is a reference to the Transformers franchise.
    • Lance-vengers is a reference to The Avengers.
    • Knightjago 3 is a reference to Ninjago, a separate LEGO series.
    • Lancing with the Stars' name is a parody of Dancing with the Stars.
    • Lance of Future Past is a reference to X-Men: Days of Future Past.


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