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LEGO is a toy company based in Billund, Denmark. The company is best known for producing interlocking plastic bricks, gears and Minifigures able to assemble anything imaginable.

They are the company behind the production of the Nexo Knights television series and set line.


The LEGO Company was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. The company started as a manufacturer of wooden toys, it quickly moved to the system of plastic bricks in 1947 when plastic became more generally used among many industries. Construction of wooden toys ceased in 1960 when a factory fire destroyed a significant portion of the wooden stock and the company saw that the plastic toys were more worth their while.

The company grew in the capabilities of the plastic brick. 1978 marks the introduction of the minifigure, the very first being a police officer. The following year, LEGO Space and Scala were introduced, marking the beginning of building kits centred beyond the setting of the Town theme. Eventually, LEGO began expanding the catalogue further, with sets based around Pirates, Technic and Castle.

In 2015, LEGO added Nexo Knights to their catalogue. Though the series gained popularity for its interactive sets and game, its performance dwindled in 2018 when only six sets were released. Though Tommy Andreasen wrote storylines for the fifth season, it was ultimately cancelled.


  • The word LEGO is a combination of the Danish words leg and godt, which translates to "play well."
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