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“Oh, my. That sounds like Krakenskull! A very powerful warlord from the old days! He experimented with two Forbidden Powers, Petrifying Power and Cracking Quake, to create the power of Petrifying Quake!”
Merlok 2.0 in "Krakenskull"

Lord Krakenskull is an ancient warlord reborn into the current age as a stone being, commanding the Stone Monsters. He created the Forbidden Power Petrifying Quake and rides a powerful rock beast named Krakenbeast. He speaks the ancient language of Kraken.


Prior to the series

Lord Krakenskull was once an ancient warlord who had a whole army of Stone Stompers under his command.

In his quest for power, Krakenskull combined the Forbidden Powers of Petrifying Power and Cracking Quake to create Petrifying Quake, which he placed on his loyal Krakenbeast. However, the Forbidden Power was much too powerful and he accidentally petrified himself and his entire army under a mountain.


Jorah Tightwad and the Tighty Knighties found Lord Krakenskull and his army buried underground. They allied with Monstrox and Jestro and Krakenskull and his army were reanimated, his warriors became Gargoyles.Krakenskull rode his Krakenbeast through a forest and fought the Nexo knights with the Forbidden Power of Petrifying Quake. He turned their vehicles to stone until Clay Moorington came to the rescue and destroyed the Forbidden Power of Petrifying Quake, However, Krakenskull escaped with his Krakenbeast.

Heart of Stone

Krakenskull returns commanding many Stone Monsters. With the Krakenbeast, He found the Forbidden Powers of Malicious Melting, Evil Evaporate and Confounding Confusion which was destroyed by the Gray Knight. Krakenskull helped Monstrox find Jestro when he narrowly escaped Clay's wrath.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Krakenskull's Krakenbeast unearths the Forbidden Power of Awesome Annihilation.

March of the Colossus

Krakenskull rides his Krakenbeast through the realm preceding the Stone Colossus.

The Fall

Lord Krakenskull is seen riding his Krakenbeast in the background. When the Colossus was destroyed, he and his Krakenbeast escaped from Knightonia.



Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End


  • He appears to have the Mask of Creation from BIONICLE etched into his armor.
  • The hilt of his sword is the same piece used for the Djinn Blade from the Ninjago sets, but recolored in purple.



In Nexo Knights

Design variants

Season 4: The End

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