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The kingdom of Knighton, or simply Knighton, is a proclaimed realm and country. Its capital is Knightonia, and it is governed by the Royal Family.



Knighton is a medieval society with technological advancements. Mechanical creations such as Squirebots help the citizens live their daily lives.

Jestro, a former jester of the royal court, became corrupted by the Book of Monsters and set out to destroy the kingdom with the Lava Monsters. Now, the society is plagued by battles with these creatures. Later on, Jestro soon fought alongside the Stone Monsters, and soon, Monstrox would have his own army of CyberBiters.

Government and protection

The realm is ruled by a monarchy; with a King and Queen, as well as children of royalty such as princesses. It is protected by knights and Squirebots. Most prominently, the Nexo Knights help save the kingdom, operating from the Fortrex. A Knights' Academy is also known to exist, where these knights graduated from, and where children are trained to become knights.

Locations within Knighton




  • Grindstead
  • Suburburg



  • Omelette
  • Waterton


  • Dnullib
  • Waste Land
  • Castle Muckhouse

Lava Lands




  • It shares its name with a town near the Wales-England border.


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