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“Clay! It's a false alarm, Clay! Now, come back to the Fortrex!”
Macy Halbert in "Heart of Stone"

The Knight Cycle (also known as the tech bike[1]) is a small motorcycle used by Clay Moorington.


Heart of Stone

Clay rode the Knight Cycle into battle against Jestro, but when he realized it was a false alarm, he turned back.

Later when Jestro actually attacked, he pummeled many Stone Monsters and jumped onto the Rolling Headquarters, leaving the Knight Cycle.

Attack and Rescue

Clay rode the Knight Cycle to battle against Jestro in Monstrox's castle. It was hit by a circular blade and was left on the ground.

Official description

Fast Response Vehicle

The Knight Cycle is Clay's compact, speedy, air attacker. Small enough to be kept inside the rolling Fortrex, it can be launched instantly whenever the knights need to repel attackers.[2]



Nexo Knights

Season 4: The End



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