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Not to be confused with the episode or real-life book.

The Knight's Code is a series of eight vows that a Knight must make in order to defend the kingdom of Knighton. The Code, once sworn, cannot be unsworn.

It was later adapted by Thunderblood Brickland into a school handbook for the newly created Knights' Academy, and improved on by his descendant, Swordmore Brickland, and Merlok 2.0.


Prior to the series

After defeating the lawless and evil forces that plagued the realm, Augustin Halbert asked each warrior for a vow that would be placed in motion and created for the Knights of the realm. Principal Thunderblood Brickland adapted the Code and transformed it into the handbook of the newly created Knights' Academy.

The Code would be used as the handbook for many centuries before being updated by Swordmore Brickland into the digital edition of the book. Merlok 2.0 also updated it with information about Nexo Powers.

At some point, Sir Griffiths provided Clay Moorington with a copy of the Code which he would keep close on hand all the time.

The Knight's Code

Throughout the episode, Clay notes that they must follow the code properly and studiously. Ava later uses the book to create a Nexo Power, Order of the Knight's Code, to defeat the Lava Monsters. Because of this, the Code was destroyed, making Clay sad. Luckily, Lance gave Clay a digital version of the Code.


Nexo Knights

Season 1: The Book of Monsters


  • It was adapted into a real-life book, and is subject to one Nexo Power.
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