Founded within the heart of the kingdom, by one of the Order of Eight - the original protectors of the land Knighton and founders of the Code of Knighthood - Reginald Brickland brought this insitiuition from the ground up.

Since then the Academy remain there throughout a thouand years before itself and its code was modified within the inevitable passing of 500 years, repeated once more around another half millennium within the newest modern technology advances.




  • Principal Brickland: An old-school swordman and principal of Knight's Academy. Close friends with Sir Griffiths.
    • Sir Griffiths:
    • Captian Clash: First Year teacher for Combat Skills, the man has an appearance of belonging in a different era. A passionate battle instructor
    • Chef Munch: One of the cooks in the Academy
    • Brutzle: Proclaims of being a Jill of all trades within the school. Works/lives in a shed on the far edge of the Training Grounds. Seems close towards Izzy. Desciped as a short, round woman with a strong handshake. (Might be from Hill country?)
    • Professor Scapeland: Teaches Geography, a perpetually sleepy-looking woman and finds the subject of study with heavy disinterest, more so than her students.
    • Professor Relik: He teaches History.
    • Professor Ottofae: Teaches the more advance Nexo Power usage in the Combo Power Class despite it not being perfected yet. Even made a mess in said class. (maybe clumsy?)
    • Professor ???: Instructs students in reciting the code.


Year 2 Students

  • Robin Underwood: A Honorary Junior & Year-Two apprentice and general Teacher's Assistent.
  • Ava Pentriss: A Honorary Junior & Year Two apprentice; teaches the class An Overview of Digital Magic.

Year 1 Students

Former Students

  • Thuderblood Brickland (and former principal)
  • Ned Knightley - Famous Knight who had a good publisher, in Swordmore's word, considers "Overrated" and wasn't all that great compared to his brother.
    • Jokes Knightley - Brother of famed knight, went to the same school before finding his calling as a Royal Jester and becoming rich as the result.
  • Swordmore Brickland's former team


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