70310 alt6
Years 2016
Set Appearances 30371 Knight's Cycle
30373 Knighton Hyper Cannon
70310 Knighton Disc Launchers
70311 Chaos Catapult
70318 The Glob Lobber
First TV Appearance  ?
Special Armor  ?
Family Crest Lion
Weapons & Gear  ?
Voice Actor Possibly multiple

Knights, or Royal Soldiers, are the protectors of Knighton.

Personality Description

The Royal Army consist of brave, dedicated bots who will do anything to protect the realm. But against the monsters, they fall a bit short and wish that there was anything they could do to stop the monsters. Instead of being thrown over and knocked down by them.


While a knight's role might not be as prominent as the Nexo Knights, they still play a vital role. Knights often try to impress princesses. They also participate in jousts.


  • Despite their human appearance, the Royal Soldiers are actually robotic units. This could explain their rather orange faces as opposed to the yellow human minifigure.


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TV series

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